to Moorbrook Lodge

Trout and Carp Fishing, Expert Tuition, Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, Camping, Caravaning,  Coffee Shop, On Site Tackle Emporium, Equipment Rental and Sales.

Coffee at Moorbrook

Enjoy a delicious coffee at Moorbrook Lodge

Moorbrook Lodge

Just some of the reasons to visit Moorbrook Lodge, Castlerock, Coleraine, Northern Ireland:
  • 1 Enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones in a fully licensed coffee shop, located in an awesome countryside location.
  • 2 Take some time out and catch some lovely trout or carp on our well stocked fishery. It's not all bad! Our fish also live here, on a catch and release basis in a "barbless" environment.
  • 3 Stay at Moorbrook Lodge Bed and Breakfast or Camp/Caravan on our camp site.

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