Rules for Trout Fishing

  • All trout must remain in the water at all times
  • Barbless Hooks Only
  • Please wet your hands before touching fish
  • Do not overplay your fish - get it to the bank as soon as possible
  • Ensure the fish is strong enough before releasing it
  • If a fish ticket is taken each angler is responsible for filling their own ticket - no killing fish for someone else!!
  • A maximum team of three flies to be used
  • All Brown trout to be returned
  • All Rainbow trout over 3lb to be returned
  • Please take your used leader material home with you as this damages wildlife


Rules for Carp Fishing

  • Barbless hooks only
  • Max two rods on same peg
  • Pool fish and ledger only sliding feeders not fixed allowed
  • Unhooking mat required
  • Bread crumbs allowed for ground bait mix but fishing with bread not allowed for carp
  • Bio degradable baits avaliable on site, no keep nets unless on arranged matches
  • Float fishing
  • No keep nets
  • No floating bread