Expert Tuition

Everyone can benefit from expert tuition, fly fishing is for everyone and not as complicated as many believe.

Everyone can benefit from qualified expert tuition from the complete novice looking to catch their first fish on the fly through to advanced time served fly casters looking to cast and fish more efficiently and effectively. We also offer professionally qualified mentors for those anglers looking to take the next step and become a qualified instructor in both single and double handed fishing. Moorbrook also offers professionally qualified guiding services on local rivers for Brown Trout, Salmon and even Mullet.

About Our Instructors

William Holmes

Owner and lead instructor/guide at Moorbrook. William has been a qualified instructor for the past 12 years his relaxed informative easy style of instruction helps to demystify the art of fly casting.

Williams Qualifications include - Level 2 CCA Coach

  • G.A.I.A  -  G.A.I.C Single Handed
  • G.A.I.A  -  G.A.I.C Double Handed
  •  G.A.I.A  -  A.P.G.A.I Single Handed
  •  G.A.I.A  -  A.P.G.A.I Double Handed
  •  International Federation of FlyFishers (IFFF) CI - Casting Instructor
  •  IFFF  -  MCI  -  Master Casting Instructor
  •  IFFF  -  THCI  -  Two Handed Casting Instructor
  •  Level 3 Guiding Certificate
  •  L20 City and Guilds  -  Mentor and Assessor
  •  IFFF Level Three Examiner
  •  IFFF EDP Faculty Member

William Examines prospective new casting instructors for G.A.I.A in the UK and at many events Worldwide for the IFFF.

"I have been owner/manager of Moorbrook since its opening 17 years ago and felt that to provide the best service we could here at Moorbrook i needed to become a casting instructor to help clients get the most out of this wonderful hobby we like to indulge in."

On a professional basis William is very proud to be a member of Loop tackle - Loop Akademi, also a member of Ballistic fly line Pro staff.

Christopher Campbell

Has been apart of the Moorbrook team since 2013, started fly fishing in 2008 and since joining Moorbrook, have progressed rapidly through skills and knowledge. Currently a qualified instructor with a G.A.I.C qualification in single handed rod techniques. Avid fly tyre and currently working on progressing further in other qualifications, both in single handed and double handed casting techniques.

Tuition is based on individual requirements and covers, for example:


  • Learn to cast and teach professionally to all current syllabus with William being involved as a casting assessor he has all the information available in what is required to become a single handed and double handed instructor.


  • Equipment assembly and advice on suitable tackle
  • Safety
  • Overhead and roll cast
  • Fly selection and basic entomology
  • Essential knots
  • Retrieving and landing fish
  • Fishing for trout with the instructor
  • The object of this lesson is to catch a trout, learn and enjoy the time in a safe environment.

Improvers / Advanced

  • Improve casting techniques
  • Single / Double Haul
  • Shooting line
  • Snake Roll
  • Spey casts
  • Preparing trout for the table
  • Basic fly tying

Tuition Package

  • 2 Hours tuition
  • Then 2 hours fishing with a 1 fish limit and catch and release

Cost of package £70.00 based on individual tuition,
for additional persons add £30 each

Cost of 1 hour lesson £30.00 for one to one tuition

All equipment can be provided or you can bring your own.


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