Trout Lakes


At Moorbrook we have a total of 5 trout lakes holding Rainbow, Brown and Blue Trout. The fishery records are rainbow 20lb, Brown Trout 10.5lb and Blue Trout 6 1/2lb.

All Five lake are open to the fly angler and two of the lakes are also open to the bait angler, or looking to learn or improve your fly fishing technique Click Here for details about getting lessons.

The abundance of invertebrate and terrestrial life in and around the lakes makes fishing at Moorbrook a very natural experience.

Outside is the communal BBQ and picnic area over looking the lakes and Causeway Coast – just bring your own charcoal! A disabled access toilet is adjacent to the lodge and shelters are scattered around the lakes for those sudden downpours.

At Moorbrook Lodge encourage the safe handling and proper care of the fish so in future they can grow and become more healthy and turn into those prize winning fish.

A specific gutting and cleaning area is also available where you can clean and prepare your own fish or get a member of the Moorbrook Lodge staff to do it for you.

There is ample car parking available and also disabled access.

The Lakes


The Cove

The Cove is an acre in size and is stocked with blues and rainbows to double figures and brown trout to 9lb, there are also a large number of natural brown trout which river anglers will find a joy to deceive. It drops to depth of 10.5ft and with Hawthorne trees and wynd bushes; it has a very natural ambiance.

The Island Lake

The Island Lake is stocked with blue and rainbow trout to 20lb and drops to a maximum depth of 18ft with differing depths all over and plenty of under water features e.g. Troughs, humps and large boulders. This gives the angler a challenge when they hook into a fish! As with all the lakes there are prolific morning / evening rises during spring and summer, so many patterns work.

The Wee One

The Wee One Giving the inexperienced angler or person with limited time the enhanced chance of catching a fish and again stocked with blues and rainbows to double figures and drops to a maximum depth of 15ft. Again the fish are hard fighting and a challenge to stalk and land.

The Meadow

The Meadow has a maximum depth of 12ft behind the island and with water gin clear it makes for very visual exhilarating sport. Blues and rainbow inhabit this water.

The Coarse Lake

The Coarse Lake is the newest of lakes. There is a maximum depth of 20ft and the over hanging wynds and Hawthorns provide plenty of fish fodder.

All the lakes contain perch and roach which, come the autumn, give amazing sport for fry pattern users. Also proves the perfect venue for experienced carp anglers to target the bigger fish with Carp up to 13lb. Don’t be surprised if you come across a few eels and newts and please be careful not to stand on the thousands of frogs residing at Moorbrook Lodge.

The Tackle Emporium

The Tackle Emporium at Moorbrook Lodge stocks everything the angler needs and wants and has the added advantage of trying out rods on the water before you buy. Expert advice can be sought from the resident instructors so don’t be afraid to ask as they are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Some of the brands stocked are Hardy/Greys, Fishpond, Airflo, Vision, Ballistic,  Redington, C&F design, Donegal flies, Veniards and many more.


Catch and Release Up to four hours: £12
Catch and Release OVER four hours: £15
Full day: £15
1 fish + Catch and Release: £17
2 fish + Catch and Release:£20
3 fish + Catch and Release: £23
4 fish + Catch and Release: £26
5 fish + Catch and Release: £28

Please read our rules section for fishing.

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